My Favorite Episodes of How I Met Your Mother

All of HIMYM is my favorite episode. I've re-watched it twice (working on 3) and there isn't an episode I would consider skipping. Here are a few of my begrudging favorites. (Season 1-3.5) {I slip into season 4 near the end but only just}
  1. "The Pineapple Incident"
    The greatest mystery of our generation will forever be.... Where did the pineapple come from!!!!
  2. "Drumroll, Please"
    The love between Ted and Victoria had a beginning second only to Ted and Tracy. Their reunion at the end is something I've replayed countless times as the soundtrack is perfect and makes me yearn for such intense passion.
  3. "Where Were We"
    This episode circled around the fallout from what I considered the impossible (Lilly leaving marshal) and the subsequent pit that marshal had to pull himself out of.
  4. "Slap Bet"
    This, ladies and gentlemen, is where it all begins. THE BET TO END ALL BETS!!!!!! (Pictured is the final slap)
  5. "Lucky Penny"
    To think that so many events might spiral off of the discovery of a penny on the subway is crazy. This episode is a roller coaster ride. (Don't pull a Barney on marathon day)
  6. "Arrivederci, Fiero"
    AND I WILL WALK 500 MILES!!!!!!
  7. "Bachelor Party"
    This episode marks (for me) the first instance that Barney shows us his true colors as the kind hearted guy hidden beneath sociopath (cough* defense mechanism cough*) and I live for his moments of genius/vulnerability.
  8. "Miracles"
    Another "Barney bringing out his true side" moment. I can't get enough of this bro. MIRACLE!!!!
  9. "The Best Burger In New York"
    Just thinking about this episode gets my mouth watering. And I can only hope to write words as succinct and awe inspiring as Marshal's burger speech.
  10. Part 2 coming soon.