1. I make a bunch of big lists that take weeks Cus I'm lazy about them
  2. Therefore 60 percent of my lists are short as all hell
    Like, 10 - 20
  3. And the rest are 60+. Long
  4. So I've got great ideas but they're all few and far between to make
  5. And things I throw together randomly that are the bulk of my lists.
  6. Sometimes I start lists only to leave them alone for months
  7. Other times I throw together a totally off the top of my head list and get a ton of likes and I'm like 😐😐😐😐 "what even happened"
  8. Other times I put a shit load of work into something and get zero coverage and I'm like 🤔🤔🤔 "this is strange"
  9. I make promises to go over every list but then come to find I get busy and forget.
    I really do want to see all my followers lists but realize that there just isn't time in the day for everyone
  10. I make typos and leave them
  11. Sometimes I like and relist lists just based off the title. Without even looking at the rest of the list.