My Morning Coffee

  1. As a morning person I tend to appreciate the occasional cup of coffee.
  2. I say occasional because I take a break now and then to stave off addiction and/or dependence.
  3. Also because I am the type of person who would rather not rely on anything else but myself to get things done.
  4. Really I just drink it because I like how it tastes once I've mixed in a little creamer and sugar.
  5. And also because I feel amazing once I've drank some.
  6. Anyway
  7. I like my coffee slightly sweet with as little cream and sugar as necessary to do just that.
  8. Black is just too bitter for me.
  9. I gag.
  10. But a few tablespoons of creamer and a packet or two of sugar.
  11. And I'm good to go.
  12. So yeah.
  13. That's my coffee.
  14. I drink it no matter what time of day it is.
  15. Coffee at dinner. Sure.