1. 24 hours
  2. 7 days
  3. Yeahhhhh
  4. Sooooo....
  5. Kik
    I spend a lot of time talking to my friend on this app. Unfortunately she's angry with me (yep, again. I'll talk more about that later.) but yeah this makes sense.
  6. Snapchat
    I talk to another friend on here a ton. This makes sense.
  7. Music
    I enjoy listening to music constantly. So yeah. This makes sense.
  8. List app
  9. ***runners up***
  10. Podcast
    Mostly just the Lore podcast and the Tim Ferriss show. This makes sense.
  11. YouTube
    YouTube is the only other entertainment I watch than Netflix so yeah. This makes sense.
  12. Photo vault
    😳😳😳you've seen nothing😳😳😳