1. Watch "our idiot brother"
  2. More gifts for Lizzie
  3. Dub chapters of poems ("in a way.."/"...I love you")
  4. Research martial arts
  5. Research brene brown books on compassion and inner strength in the face of obstacles
  6. Read crime and punishment (10 pages)
  7. Organize poems into typed source
  8. Write her a poem
  9. Make quality list
  10. Wash clothes
  11. Watch the grand Budapest hotel (be inspired/story lines)
  12. ((Things that actually got done))
  13. Tell Lizzie about that video
  14. Drive to Lizzies
  15. Cold shower (5 min)
  16. Write a poem for Lizzie
  17. Meditate (10 m)
  18. Work on book (5 m)
  19. Journal (5 min)
  20. ((Mostly I spent the day watching elf))
    Time well spent