Naomi FREAKING star is following me!!!

  1. First!!!
  2. Gatsby
  3. Second!!!
  4. Welcome to my list account old sport!!
  5. OMG you guys!!!!
  6. Check this gal out!!!!
  7. She's got 11 epic lists!!!!
  8. Freakin 11!!!!!
  9. (Get is Cus 11th Doctor....... 😐)
  10. Her newest list is about nudity!!!!
    Tbh one of my fave things (don't get your metaphorical undergarment in a twist, I'm just playing around.... Or am I)
  11. I told you
  12. It's a great cause though!!
  13. All amazing reasons!!!!
  14. Second list!!!!!
  15. Dog!!!
  16. Mountain!!!!
  17. Traillllllolololol!!!!!
  18. She hiked a mountain!!!
  19. And took this cute photo
  20. Oooohhhhh
  21. Ahhhhhh
  22. Nature!!!!
  23. She has good taste in movies!!!!
  24. She loves the moon!!!!
  25. Cheeeseeeeeeeee!!!!
  26. She hit the nail on the head with this one
  27. Seriously though.... Very informative
  28. Read it before i flip out and have a heart attack
    One of y'all better read it and save me god damn it
  29. Helping adults kid and kids adult
    Most that first one though
  30. EXERCISE!!!!!!!
  31. Ditch the TP!!!
    If you wanna. It's your ass not mine. But she makes a good point. We are wasteful ignorant assholes the lot of us. Time to get our shit together (see what I did there)
  32. Also she's cute
  33. Thanks for following me!!!!
  34. 🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉