Last night and this past weekend I've felt awful. Just fuckin shitty. Last night especially I was up late feeling despondent and couldn't fall asleep. But today I made this list so. Yep.
  1. it smelled beautifully rainy when I stepped outside. Which made me want to go on a run or long walk.
  2. a bit at the end of a Casey niestat vlog lifted my spirits. Not sure why.
  3. the clouds were purple-y stormy today mixed with blue morning sky and fairer clouds. Which is a strange sort of lovely.
  4. listened to some splendid music on the drive to school. (Vibe so hot, animal, devil is a lie)
  5. the actual sunrise was beautiful. I neglected to grab a photo. Very bright and piercing through the clouds and blue sky and grays mixed with whites.
  6. I got to meditate in my psych class. Which was immensely pleasant and aided the release of my anxieties for the present moment and for a few moments beyond.
    Though I can't stand my teachers voice.
  7. we did not really work in my french class so much as practice pronunciation with the French exchange students and play games.
  8. tasted an absolutely exquisite piece of dark chocolate from a French company.
  9. had a lovely conversation with my girlfriend about how she cared about me immensely even when we were just friends (at the time I felt that she thought of me indifferently so this brings me joy)
  10. I made her dad laugh.... I go so far as to avoid bowing at her parents feet half the time. They are a treasure as parents and people go.
  11. the drive home was beautiful and I heard great music (holiday by vampire weekend 🙌🏼) when I stopped to get a burger.
  12. got a burger, fries, and a shake. My mom paid for the burger out of the kindness of her heart.
  13. the air smells wonderful this time of year.