1. I slept in
    Until 10. Pretty late but I guess I needed it.
  2. Got some work done
    Made some money. Always nice
  3. Spent time with my girlfriend and her family
  4. Her mother asked my opinion regarding an issue she was having today about a potential employee in her business
    I absolutely love her mother and was honored to be asked.
  5. Had a wonderful conversation with my girlfriend
  6. Got Starbucks
    I love coffee and how Starbucks smells
  7. The sunset was lovely driving home today
    Plus the weather is cool but not cold and warm but not hot and that's just my favorite to drive through.
  8. I discovered a new song to blast in my car on repeat
    "I spy"
  9. I got a waffle cone sundae and chicken strips
    I need more honey mustard but oh well
  10. Successfully drove home while eating a waffle cone sundae without spilling a drop of it.
  11. Someone told me they enjoy talking to me
    That just made my day. As simple as it is.