1. Ah for the tempest brought out of beauty the barking call of a tender midnight. Break me from my steadied dreariest day time fantasies in that I might live in this most treasured one for but a moment. Even sweeter thoughts go rolling back at the sight of such majesty, of such empowered romantic benevolence.
  2. Oh for it is the call of spring to winters ear. The ravishing wave of colder secrets and shadowed perversity. The turbulent tendril totally tarnishing that takes me so like the gentle white of a starry night.
  3. To enter about this raving world upon my eye. Congratulations to the masses. That great far away collecting of people too foolish to offer up their memories to eternity. May perhaps the world grasp our importance. May certainly our words make their mark at that embittered spot.
  4. Nowhere else does the cosmic blight ring true. Truer than what was and what never be. For how soulessness grips the foundations of my heart and in so doing wrenches me forth into ethereal bitter aptitude. Oh to cry out among the foibles of my starless predecessors. What more is there to be than nothing in this life?