Inspired by @EmilyAnnA
  1. Spends 98 percent of his time looking and acting extremely irritable. Often not for a particular reason besides being angry at things. Something pains him.
  2. Workouts out excessively but also eats an excessive amount of Pizza Hut.
  3. Scares off potential (and infrequent) romantic interests by being either a distant cynical moody ass or a forward flirtatious idiot romantic.
  4. Listens to music and broods.... A lot.
  5. Does not sleep very often. Prefers to stay up late and get up early amidst brooding and music listening.
  6. Writes poetry in bursts. Usually very romantic and flighty. Sometimes draws. Usually people. Always a girl.
  7. If we didn't know better we'd say he was in love with his best friend based off of their conversations. But we've come to realize he's the kind of guy who wants a lot of people to know he loves them but realizes how strange it would be for strangers on the Internet or even just other friends.
  8. His favorite cereal is Cinnamon Toast Crunch.
  9. He has a superbly eclectic music taste. No favorite song or band. Just changes depending on his mood.
  10. His favorite movie is "The grand Budapest hotel". But his secret favorite movie is "her".
  11. He would rather not talk to the people around him. Usually.
  12. He loves the dark. And when it's cold out. Especially at the same time. The air is different and the world is quiet.
  13. Hates loud vexatious people. If in a good mood finds them humorous. If only for their stupidity and fragility.
  14. Stares off into space very frequently. Lots of thoughts on his mind best we can guess.
  15. Seems to fall in love with deeply troubled artistic women with a penchant for advanced sexual proclivities. They're like cocain to him. Beautiful, energetic, bombshell cocain.
  16. Hates, and I mean HATES, the sound of people eating. Even himself. Not necessarily the air of a dining room but the sounds emitted through the mouth with food inside.
  17. Loves watching the sun come up. Even more so the sun going down.
  18. His favorite time of day is 1 am.
  19. He is determined not to become his father.
  20. Winter makes him feel at peace.
  21. His coffee intake, while not horribly high, is pretty up there. Sweet sweet coffee.
  22. He likes watching people. What they're like in every day life. Pondering on their hidden selves.
  23. Often envisions being skilled on the guitar but never does anything to actually acquire the skill.
  24. Often wears the same shirt for long periods of time. So long as it's not completely rank.
  25. Watches the same shows on Netflix. Usually repeatedly. Occasionally moves into new shows.