1. This show is so fucking funny I can't eat ice cream while I watch it.
  2. I'm not gonna bother explaining it because it's just weird. But you should watch it. Here are some of my favorite lines:
  3. George re enters in a look that can only be described as pussy safari.
  4. "Please don't do this to us. You're an adult, you can control your bowels." "No it's getting pointy!"
  5. "Did you just take a shit in your show corduroys?" "Nooo.." .*uses air freshener on ass*
  6. No that's not gonna work on me. I know that's sheepdog blood."
  7. The FUCK did you just say? Cus last I checked griffin dun lived in rienbeck and could be in Manhattan in an hour and fifteen minutes. And every FUCKING casting director in town knows it! So how dare you pretend not to!! How dare you pretend to not know where god damn Griffey Dunn lives!
  8. I looked out in the crowd and thought doctor Ruth was dating Bill Clinton
  9. Hello aspca. Who do I call if I know an adult man who fucks raccoons?
  10. (Just watch it. It's hilarious. I'm exhausted.)