Thanks @Sim0n
  1. I would go back and relive one of my Christmas mornings as a small child
  2. Christmas is still my favorite holiday
  3. And I love decirating
  4. But it's just not quite as magical as when I was younger
  5. I loved the snow
  6. I loved the colors
  7. I loved the smells and the food
  8. I loved it all
  9. I still do
  10. But it was so much more surreal back then.
  11. The early mornings with the snow outside and the candy and the red and green and blue lights up in the living room on a tree that scraped the ceiling and made a huge plastic needle mess.
  12. The cookies for Santa.
  13. The Santa "boot prints" that my dad put down but that I was sure was Santa.
  14. The lazy morning opening presents.
  15. My grandma coming over to take pictures and give us gifts.
  16. I miss that.