1. As any of the briefest remembrances of you cast light upon the faded shadow about my eyes. Like a fervent glowing ray. Shining down on my weathered brow a drop of softest memory.
  2. In pale reverence your image shatters against the imbued sanctity of my wide eyed gaze. Interpreting every cell as the epicenter of such ecstatic beauty.
  3. That which unfolds in lavish continuity like the springtime garden in full bloom. Stretching to your fingertips and filling your skin with its rosy glow.
  4. A warmth born of trials.
  5. In the stealing of your innocence by the bitter winds of time and circumstance.
  6. How you reach into my heart and pull gently. Beckoning to the softest part of me with whispered promises. And alighting my mind with fantasies of you.
  7. And I am overtaken by the deepest wells of adoration. Grasping your hidden parts and admiring every treasured inch. Painstakingly memorizing your facets.
  8. And though I attempt to express these in-articulated midnight daydreams onto the Orwellian lines of my page it is with the diluted resolve of the virulently inspired that I describe you.
  9. How your skin depicts the warmest stories. Beckons to be touched. How your lips, such gentle wonder, part effortlessly with every breath. So sweet do your words taste. Your hair which frames the perfect face. Waving is the tallest alders do. With impenetrable reverence for the natural motion of your grace.
  10. And it is in your eyes I find the rarer form of beauty. In swirling tidal forces of a harbored illuminating presence.
  11. In your voice a flourished skyline bursting both with fiery fervor of a soul alight from within of living for your passions and still peaceful as that of a tranquil midnight glade. Serene in your calmer dreams.
  12. Perchance the nightmares took firm grip to your mind in sleep.
  13. Yet you fight none back as dawn so fittingly breaks over their weaker bodies. Rescuing you.
  14. How many star kissed skies must I see in you before this paper Falls flooded in my truest tones and these honest words that dance through mind to eye break lovingly on your sanguine breast in the hopes of seeing through to your heart of hearts.
  15. That golden, glowing, corporeal body floating effortlessly within you. That rings with soft song your sweetest desire and calls for me to fall listlessly onto such impassioned music.
  16. My ear overcome with harmonies born of you. And in so much filling me with the wordless biopic that is your existent contradiction.
  17. How such beauty can remain hidden in the glaring shadows of indecency and pain all about us. I treasure you.
  18. Your breath taking wander lust.