1. Like every other week or so she calls me and we talk for upwards of 3 hours straight. It's literally the best thing ever and I always wish we could keep talking longer. Just hearing her talk about what's going on in her head makes me so happy. Most of the time the conversation starts off with her talking non stop for about 30 minutes while I
    Just kind of verbally nod my head and ask her small questions and I absolutely adore listening to her and the pauses when she's thinking about what to say Cus I get to verbally nod for her to continue and it's just so amazing.
  2. She's so fucking beautiful but she doesn't realize it so I get to tell her so literally every day and she's really grateful but at the same time she doesn't quite believe me so I get to barrage her with compliments and it's the best thing ever Cus I have a need to release affection to the world.
    She's very very pretty inside and out ☺️.
  3. She's the sweetest most accepting most polite person ever and she constantly blows me away with her ability to consider others first (because I feel like that's so rare today). It makes me feel especially happy when I get to help her because she deserves all the kindness in the world.
  4. I could (and have) tell her practically anything and everything and she is so accepting and helpful and sweet about it.
  5. She honestly keeps me sane. I get so worked up all on my own about issues and my life but talking to her always helps me come back down to earth.
  6. No matter what. She has always been there. Always. More than anybody else. The only real friend I had all summer. I'm extremely grateful for her.
  7. The only person outside of my family that I regularly say "i love you" to because she's that important to me. Also the only person who doesn't think I'm weird for wanting to be so affectionate ha.
  8. At the end of the day she's the only person who I can't seem to come up with anything bad about. Everyone else I know irl I can think of a reason to keep things from or dance around. With her I can be utterly straightforward and tell her exactly what's on my mind.
  9. We have similar music tastes so whenever she has a new favorite song it becomes my new favorite song ha.
    "11 blocks" for instance. Or "give me love"
  10. She makes connections between me and characters in books we read for AP English. She thinks I'm a lot like "Charlie" from TPBW, "nick" from the great gatsby.
  11. Whenever I'm going through the various problems in my life she explains her perspective on them back to me and it more often than not helps everything align in my brain and it's just awesome.