Thanks for this @lisa67
  1. For the most part I try to avoid regret
  2. I suppose that goes without saying for most people
  3. Regret is a bitter feeling to say the least.
  4. What I have often found is that
  5. No matter what I choose
  6. When a choice is presented to me that is.
  7. I can find some semblance of regret emerging from the space I didn't take up.
  8. Any path is wrought with stones that trail off in infinite direction.
  9. And in these steps one can always spot a missed opportunity
  10. Often preferable to that which you've taken as your own.
  11. And we tell ourselves that this makes regret by its very nature
  12. Wholly unavoidable
  13. Logic away all pain
  14. That is how I tend to operate
  15. As a first response that is
  16. But I've come to understand that humans are entirely absent of logic
  17. We are not designed or formed in such a way as to permit the evolution of a full and particular reasoning skill.
  18. Nor the ability to take to it at whim
  19. When our emotions run rampant.
  20. I feel regret for a number of things.
  21. And they chase me like awful phantoms.
  22. Especially on lonely days
  23. Which have become rather regular as of late.
  24. I mostly regret hurting others
  25. Never intentionally
  26. But by a poor choice of words or when I was in a bad place mentally.
  27. It happens
  28. Can't control some things
  29. Can't read minds
  30. Sometimes it's just a bad day
  31. In the end
  32. I put my regrets to bed and I move on
  33. And I try to make better decisions
  34. Whatever way I can
  35. It's just the way it is.
  36. I have enough weighing me down to be weighed down by the bitterness of regret.
  37. Let me fight the demon I can do something about