1. Sitting on my front porch.
  2. I'm listening to my phone on shuffle and "something" by the Beatles came up.
    I love this song.
  3. I'm drinking Coke. I prefer the red cans. Red is my favorite color. It just tastes better from a red can.
    Blue can Pepsi is very good too though.
  4. I just finished another list. I am going to stop taking myself so seriously and just write shit that I'm thinking.
  5. The woman across the street is smoking by her truck away from the house.
  6. "Vertigo" by Anya marina came on.
    Pretty good song.
  7. It's been a hot day so even though it's evening it's still stuffy out.
    But it smells like summer.
  8. I should go inside and relax in my bed.
    I just started a new job about a week ago and it's a tough one on my back and fore arms.
  9. I keep getting nibbled by mosquitos out here.
  10. I want to pause time. Just sit here unhurried.
  11. It's getting particularly dark. Ironically "leave the light on" by Pascilla Ahn just came on.
    Lovely song.
  12. I can't wait to get my paycheck for the past week and this week.
    More money than I've ever earned before so👍🏼.
  13. I'm sweating a bit and getting eaten so I'm going inside.
  14. Wonderfully cool inside but my screen is too bright.
  15. I'm washing my boots in the washing machine.. I had to walk around in a river today to pull tree down and fish out branches and leaves.
    It was 98 today so this was both refreshing and then awful because I got sand and shit in my boots and they were heavy while I was dragging logs around. (My new job is on a tree company).
  16. Anyway I hope they wash well. I also need to find new gloves before I leave tomorrow. Eh.
  17. I really like it at night. Everything is more slow and soft.
  18. I almost don't want to post this but I'm going to anyway.
  19. Only a handful of people on list give a fuck anyway.
    Not even going to bother tagging list to call attention to its shitty-ness. If they don't see it by now I'm through wasting my time (can you tell I'm bitter assholes?) *sigh*
  20. Tomorrow is Tuesday which means I made it through 100 degree Monday which is a success in itself because now I can work in anything.
    *knock on wood*
  21. I wanna watch the silver linings playbook. I love that movie.
  22. Goodnight for now.
  23. Update: this is just where I'm at mentally. *ongoing mental sigh*