Inspired by @Peace_Out_List
  1. 1.
    If someone stole your favorite item, what would you tell out in anger?
    "X Gon' give it to ya"- DMX
  2. 2.
    You trip and fall in front of your crush, they say?
    "You're the One"- The Black Keys
  3. 3.
    A moment of disappointment hits you, what do you utter?
  4. 4.
    If you could have anything in the world what would it be?
    "Give me Love" - Ed Sheeran
  5. 5.
    What's the best way to describe your closest friend?
    "Wallflower"-Priscilla Ahn
  6. 6.
    A song that would play during the wicked torturing of your enemies?
    "Outta my Mind"- B.O.B
  7. 7.
    A theme song for when your parents enter the room?
    "Sneak out the back door"-Ron sexsmith
  8. 8.
    You're walking home and you find twenty bucks, what do you say?
    "My oh my"-Macklemore
  9. 9.
    The end of the world is near, your reaction?
    "I will be back one day"- Lord Huron
  10. 10.
    If your life was a television show, what would it be called?
    "Dreams of a Samurai"-Red Hot Chili Peppers
  11. 11.
    You punch someone in the face, what do they cry out?
    "C****n"-Red Hot Chili Peppers
  12. 12.
    A rock is thrown through your window with a note on it, it says?
    "Time to Run"-Lord Huron
  13. 13.
    Someone compliments you on something, you reply?
    "You ain't gotta lie"-Kendrick Lamar
  14. 14.
    You and a friend are on an island, how do you decide leadership?
    "Death with Dignity"-sufjan Stevens
  15. 15.
    How will people remember you when you're gone?
    "Fool for love"-Lord Huron