1. I don't cry. I can't remember the last time I cried. Maybe a single tear (I'm not kidding, that's as far as it gets these days) a year ago.
  2. Traditionally sad scenes don't make me cry. Most things make me mad. If not mad then sort of rueful.
  3. But there are a handful of moments that make me tear up.
  4. In no particular order.
  5. 1. The scene in crazy stupid love when Cal's wife calls him to ask for help fixing the water heater. Little does she know he's in the backyard because he's been sneaking in to keep it clean for a few weeks. So he can see her when she stands in the room adjacent to the dining room to call him. It's fucking beautiful.
    The whole time I'm thinking of that scene in Bourne ultimatum when Bourne tells Pamela landy to "get some rest". Cue dramatic music.
  6. 2. The scene from zootopia when the hops apologizes to nick. Plus I love Jason Bateman.
  7. 3. The scene from Wakefield (by far my utmost favorite Bryan Cranston films) when he finally realizes the love he has for his wife and willfully enters her life again to accept reality fully.
  8. 4. Another crazy stupid love one. Cal's speech about his soul mate near the end of the movie
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