I have gotten some of these.....
  1. I really need you to come watch how I met your mother episodes with me right now!!
  2. What's the quickest way to your house?
  3. I need your help testing the best ways to massage my calves.
  4. I need someone to talk to and thought of you.
  5. You're the sweetest.
  6. I'll dream of you. Come find me.
  7. Come sleep next to me 💛. I'll scratch your back.
  8. I feel like I connect with you on a different level. Like our brains work in similar ways. Like you see things in similar lights. And darks.
  9. I want to draw you.
  10. I need someone to talk to. Can I call you?
  11. My favorite thing about you is...(blank)
  12. Send me a selfie. I need to see your face.
  13. Do you want to go to Barnes and noble with me?
  14. I know it's 3 am but do you wanna go get I hop?
  15. Cuddle with me 💜
  16. You're my favorite person
  17. I like the sound of your voice
  18. The way your chest rises and falls as you breath is hypnotic
  19. Tell me about your day? I wanna hear every bit
  20. When is your birthday? Are you having people over? Can I come?