1. It's 4 am
  2. I can't sleep
  3. No one is awake
  4. Being sick sucks
  5. Being sick alone sucks worse
  6. ————-
  7. Thank god for list app and especially for @quixotic
  8. No position in bed is comfortable
  9. My nose hates me
  10. The stuffed side of my nose is also the runny side. Go figure.
  11. So much grosseness. So much ew
  12. Tired but unable to go to sleep and not interested in the terrifying sick dreams
  13. I feel like this really rings in autumn for me. Which is nice but eh
  14. Fuck..... I have to pee.
  15. Fuck....
  16. Okay... Out of the bed.... Here we go. Gonna try not to knock into anything on my way there
  17. I made it. Bed is warm
  18. Funny thing about being sick. Literally nothing can be boring. Okay some things but it's much easier to be entertained. At least for me
  19. Cold shivers are weird
  20. If I don't look outside. It feels like it snowed. Even though it's barely September. I want so badly for the wind to blow and for ice to cover everything.