1. That I mentioned in my "being a hermit" list
  2. And I ran 6 miles
  3. I'm very glad I didn't stay inside
  4. It's hot and I sweated my ass off
  5. And I checked out that gym
  6. Looks good
  7. They tried to tell me I needed a personal trainer twice a week for an hour
  8. I said "F**ck you!! I am my own personal trainer"
    I didn't really say that.
  9. Seriously. It costs 435 per month
  10. Hahahahahahaha
  11. No
  12. I don't need to spend that much money for some meathead to tell me how to lift heavy things
  13. I know what I'm doing and there are inexpensive options to learn more
  14. Like, literally so many other options.
  15. Anyway.
  16. I think I'll work out there
  17. He gave me a 7 day trial pass
  18. So that's cool 👍🏼
  19. Their facility looks swell
  20. I think I'll enjoy working out there
  21. And possibly working there.
  22. Forgot to ask
  23. Now to the showe
  24. I'm gross
  25. P.s. Also I lost a follower
  26. Was it something I said?
  27. I know it's not supposed to bug me but I'm kinda curious
  28. Like
  29. Why?
  30. Giphy