1. So um....
  2. This happened.....
  3. 😂😂😂😂😂
  4. I've secured the combination to her locker
  5. And will be adding a flurry of pink sticky notes, stars, pink candies, and a hand written note.
    Pink because she's a princess
  6. Like, seriously, when I met her....
  7. That's what somebody told me she was called.
  8. Princess Lizzie.
  9. We're getting coffee this morning.
  10. We were supposed to last week
  11. But a small child got lost near her bus stop
  12. And she had to talk to police and the mother about the child.
  13. They found her
  14. But we missed getting coffee.
  15. Anyway....
  16. Yeah.....
  17. Static