Songs I listen to if I want to feel love

  1. Bad reputation-Shawn mendes
    "I don't care what they say about you baby, they don't know what you've been through."
  2. Empty house-Priscila Ahn
  3. Cursed-lord Huron
    (This also makes me think of Sam) "Everything she touches turns to black....Who knew love could be like this?....Look into those eyes, see the endless night staring back. What kinda magic is this? I was doomed by our first kiss."
  4. Eleven blocks-wrabel
  5. Dear sweetheart-Priscila Ahn & Charlie wadhams
    "Oh sweetheart when I see you again... That's right you'll always be my dearest friend"
  6. From gold-novo amor
  7. Fool for love-lord Huron
    "I neva should have called his bluff. I was born to lose cus in a fool for love."
  8. Hannah hunt-vampire weekend
  9. Hey there Delilah-plain white T's
    "I'm a thousand miles away but girl tonight you look so pretty, yes you do.."
  10. Holland-novo amor
  11. It comes back to you-imagine Dragons
    "All the things that you had lost will find their way to you.. Looking back into the past and I can see it through."
  12. Honest-Shawn mendes
  13. Je te pardon- maître gims
    "I forgive you, you know not what you have done."
  14. I don't have time to be in love-Priscila Ahn
  15. Ruin-Shawn mendes
    "Do I ever cross your mind?"
  16. I don't trust myself with lovin you-John Mayer
  17. Mercy-Shawn mendes
    "Have mercy on me. Take it easy on my heart."
  18. I pretend-Priscila Ahn & charlie wadhams
  19. Louisa-lord Huron
  20. Kiss me-sixpence none the richer
  21. Take me to church-hozier
    "The only heaven I'll be sent to.. Is when I'm alone with you."
  22. La vie en rose-Daniel Andrade
  23. The night we met-lord Huron
    (This song exemplifies my relationship with Sam.)
  24. Like I'm gonna lose you-Meghan trainer
  25. Lights on-Shawn mendes
  26. Masters in China-Priscila Ahn
  27. Meet me in the woods-lord Huron
  28. Only love-Ben Howard
  29. Our house-Crosby, stills, & Nash
  30. She lit a fire-lord Huron
    I love you.
  31. Shut up and dance-walk the moon
  32. Something-the Beatles
  33. Slow dancing in a burning room-John Mayer
  34. Something stupid-Michael buble
  35. Suitcase full of sparks-Gregory Alan isakov
  36. A thousand years-Christina perry
  37. To my girl-Trent dabbs
  38. Torch song-Priscila Ahn
    (So so beautiful)
  39. Weather-novo amor
  40. World spins madly on-the weepies
  41. The perfect Christmas-Daniel Andrade