1. I may look like an angry unsocial person but if you talk to me for more than five minutes you'll find I'm super nice. I'm the way I am on social media because there's one less barrier between me and people here.
  2. I like talking to girls more than guys.
    I'm a dude. Dudes can be really annoying and gross. I should know because I have been weird annoying and gross. But girls are (on average) much sweeter and more interesting than guys are (most of us (I stress the word MOST) like sex, cars, and sports. We're not super complex. Although I'm not one for sports). Irregardless of all that bullshit stereotype I like girls better than dudes.
  3. Even though I'm supposed to be super tough guy macho man I really really really love cute stuff.
    Kittens. Cute relationship stuff. Romance. Corgis. Flowers are nice. Puppies. Don't hate guys you know you love this stuff too.
  4. I can squat 360 pounds. A lot of people don't know that so.... It counts. *shrug*
  5. I don't have a favorite pet. Dogs are wonderful. Cats are wonderful. Guinea pigs are amazing. But if I had to choose Id choose a corgi. They are magical creatures like the unicorn.
  6. I LOVE corgis💜💜💜
  7. I love hugs but rarely give them.
    I think I've successfully convinced my entire family that I don't communicate through anything but stern facial expressions. And it's hilarious because I'm actually super happy about stuff usually.
  8. I couldn't care less about the super bowl or football in general
    I'm going to receive flack for saying this. But I just don't care. The only thing good about it is the food. Sorry in advance for eating you out of your house.*shrug*
  9. My favorite thing to do is stay up really late at night and watch movies/HIMYM by myself. Eat ice cream and pizza. The whole nine.
  10. I love helping people feel good about themselves. To the point that they get annoyed with me because all I do is talk about how wonderful I think they are. Every word is genuine guys.
  11. I don't follow politics
    I just don't. It's no stance. I just don't watch politics. Probably for the same reason I don't watch football or nascar. It's boring as fuck.
  12. I love it when girls trust me enough to open up about their day to me. It makes me feel special.
  13. I have a standing unspoken arrangement with any of my friends that are girls that if any guy decides to be a dick to them or disrespects them. They should be expecting an unwelcome visit from me. I don't take kindly on disrespect to my friends. Especially to women. Because they really are so special. My guy friends know to call for backup if needed