Listing at 12:45/12:51 two nights later.
  1. Starting this list, I just got home from a dance.
  2. It was extremely casual and I wore jeans and a nice shirt.
  3. The girl I went to a homecoming dance with a few months ago went as my date.
  4. This one..
  5. Much prettier than me
  6. Static
    Screaming internally 😍
  7. Anyway....
  8. First we had dinner at chillis.
  9. It was delicious but the best part was the conversation.
  10. We talked about our families and our parents and how we had been raised and different stuff we had gone through and etc etc etc....
  11. Later she told me she wants to know everything about me. (Wow😍)
  12. Honestly I would have been happy to have stayed there and talked all night.
  13. We were two hours late to the dance because of it 😂.
  14. The dance was pretty dead inside. Probably max 30 people.
  15. Im embarrassed about my dancing but she taught me some dances that involved picking her up off the ground and catching her.
    It was a lot of fun.
  16. I have photos but they're not great.
    She's perfect as per usual but I look weird as hell. Maybe that's just because I'm next to her. Idk.
  17. Static
    Look at her 😍😄😚
  18. Ugh...
  19. She's so amazing you guys.
  20. Pictures don't do her justice.
  21. I'm not sure how much I should share on here but as far as I can tell the feelings are mutual as mutual can be
  22. Which makes me...
  23. And....
  24. And....
  25. I'm just...
  26. Being near her is more pleasant than anything I've experienced before.
  27. Warm and soft and it makes my brain do summersaults and then she asks me why I'm giving her a goofy look but I don't know because it's totally involuntary.
  28. Her family is so unbelievably nice and funny too.
  29. I got to spend the day with her today (Sunday) and then with her and her family tonight. And we played uno. I think I've managed to win her mother over. I was under the impression she was in her late thirties and apparently she's actually around her 50's. She was happy to hear this haha.
    Also she said her dad uses his "man" voice around me haha 😂. And her younger brother is pretty cool too ha.
  30. The entire time playing uno she shared a double seat bench thing with me. And she scooted close and sort of rubbed my foot with her toes and then we both kept taking turns touching each other's feet under the table.
    She also sort of climbed up my shin a bit with her foot.
  31. Me and the angel spent time in her room working on a duo speech for competition. She has these vinyl records (hozier!!) and they sounded so awesome.
    Plus she sat on the floor right next to me and put her head on my shoulder (hehe😍)
  32. Sometimes she does this thing where she sort of tickles/scratches my back really fast if she's passing behind me or just wants to get my attention.
    It makes me perk up haha.
  33. She and I have been texting back and forth. Asking each other questions to figure out how much we like each other and stuff ha.
  34. I'm listening to owl city. I haven't heard their music in so long but it fits. It's soft and warm and beautiful just the way she is.
    Try "bird and the worm"/ "vanilla twilight"/ "butterfly wings" / "honey and the bee"
  35. It's almost 1:30 am but I don't want to sleep Cus I'm thinking about all these things but also if I sleep I'll get to see her sooner.
    I'm too happy to sleep.
  36. She called me earlier in tears (I'm not gonna say why) and I hadn't realized she was calling me because my phone was on silent. She called me 5 times before I picked up you guys. 😢😢😢
    Also I didn't recognize the number because it was her moms phone. I'm so glad she kept calling though.
  37. I felt bad. I stayed on the phone until she was too sleepy to keep talking. (An hour and ten minutes.)
    Her voice was so soft you guys.
  38. I told her I wish I was there and I wanted to hug her and be there for her. (Dancing around what I actually wanted to do) and she said we could cuddle. And I died. Cus yes. I really really want that. Plus I felt bad for not being able to help her more (she was really really sad. Ugh. But I was glad I could be there in voice.)
  39. Yesterday she basically wanted to see me every time we were out of class. And also wouldn't let any of her friends come out with us to lunch.
  40. Today she put her feet up on my lap and I sneakily may or may not have drawn little random patterns with my fingers on the bottom of her feet.
    She told me she loved this. Ahh ☺️.
  41. She also totally made me move a few desks away so she could talk to our mutual friends about what we've been up to.
  42. The other half of the class is totally over invested in the relationship and asked me to come over and tell them what was going on.
    It was genuinely hilarious.
  43. My sis said she wants us to be together forever 😂.
    The angel is very nice to my sister and shares snacks. (Also sis said we'd have cute babies 😂😂)
  44. My mom loves her. My dad knew right off the bat that she was into me (well before I knew) good ole dad.
  45. Everyone in my family knows me for having a cynical mindset but are absolutely surprised when the angel is around.
    My cynicism dies around her.
  46. There's no way I can end this list because adorable things keep happening.
  47. When I got home yesterday she texted me that when she's alone she feels empty and that the emptiness goes away when she's around me.
  48. She said I have to stop saying sweet things to her because she doesn't know how to reply and just giggles repeatedly.
  49. Also when she said goodnight she said "goodnight my love"
  50. When she misses me she listens to hoziers "like real people do" and reads a book I bought her for her birthday last year.
  51. I asked her what she was thinking during class the other day. And she was having a tough day. She replied "I was thinking I wanted a hug..a Charlie hug."
  52. Totally gonna see her tomorrow