Props to @margaretyoko for prompting me to make this list. She's a wonderful person and I think if anything we should all work on being a bit more like her.
  1. Being more kind to ourselves
    People are mean. Especially to themselves. And with all the critics in the world who want to tear us down its only fair to ourselves that we build ourselves up. Sure be aware of weaknesses but make your best effort to see them and then act on correcting them. Feeling bad about something without action isn't helping anyone. In fact it's hurting.
  2. Learning more
    This is a super common self help proponent. "Read a book every day" or "learn one new fact every 12 hours". But I think it's important not just to learn new stuff but to focus your energy at learning stuff you love to learn about. Get on the list and read @margaretyoko list on face cleaning or sushi. That stuff is very interesting. Or google stuff. Go on YouTube. But a book rated high on Amazon.
  3. Eating healthy
    America is notorious for our poor eating habits. I myself eat pizza at least once a week and sugary cereal every day that I don't have time for eggs and milk. I have a vegan friend who (not only loves to pester me about going vegan, poor girl) but has given me tons of tips on making veggie dinners. Adding is easier to me than taking away. So add a veggie or a glass of water to your day. You'll be shocked at the difference.
  4. Splurging once in a while
    Thanks to all these high school finance classes we've been conditioned to believe that the occasional splurge is bad for us. But while it's not so great for the wallet I think it's important to take a moment every once in a while and think "what the hell" and buy something you want. I mean, as long as it's not crazy expensive. Don't go into debt. Just don't be so much of a tight wad. Loosen up a tad
  5. Keeping emotions in check
    The world is crazy. It does weird stuff sometimes. Maybe you miss a major opportunity at work. The date you've been looking forward to all week fell through. You got mustard stains all over your favorite new dress. All of these things aren't fun. But what good will getting mad do? I know it's momentarily gratifying but having an emotional reaction to these things really isn't helping anyone. Sure. Feel your emotions. But don't let them pull the smile off your face. Things could be a lot worse.
  6. Flirt respectfully and often
    People look down on flirting I find. Like its a rude thing to do, like only those dirty high school students do it. "We are people of culture and class and can find a suitable mate without this thing you call flirting" (turns up their nose). Well maybe so. But where's the fun in that? Flirting feels good. And it's fun to do. That is if you have read up on it, practiced, and are only doing so playfully with someone who also enjoys it. Get educated. Learn some more.
  7. Being more kind to others
    This is the most important one on this list. I know I sound like your 3rd grade teacher. "Don't hit billy with the ruler Margaret! He's a person too" but seriously. The world kinda sucks sometimes. Okay a lot of the times. So why aren't we banding together more effectively? Where's the love? Where's the compassion? Say hello to one another for gods sake. Give some stranger a heart felt compliment. Tell @margaretyoko how sweet and awesome she is. She deserves it and that'll get you started.
  8. Taking a moment to be alone
    We are all on our phones. We all watch movies and talk to people. In this day and age it doesn't seem natural to avoid human contact on purpose. But it's important that we get to know ourselves and understand how little the world moves when we aren't answering emails. Take a look at the four hour work week by Tim ferriss (learn more) and then take a week off from all media. Get to know yourself. You'll be grateful. I promise.
  9. Telling people how beautiful they are
    I don't mean flirting. I mean genuinely explaining to someone why you feel they are a beautiful person. Why they make your jaw drop just a little bit. Why you're amazed anyone could look that way or be so kind. It's the most wonderful feeling in the world when their face lights up. YouTube that girl telling people how beautiful they are and Filming it. Made me cry a little.
  10. Workout
    It's like people are afraid of moving these days. Get up and move around a little. Better yet get some weights and start moving those in directions. Throw some resistance on your body. Make it work for something.
  11. Dressing well
    It's not tough. It feels good. Looks good. The opposite sex appreciates it. Buy clothes that fit well and feel good. If you like how they feel then that's a good start. It doesn't matter what others think as long as you feel confident in them.
  12. Watch more How I Met Your Mother
    Because it's packed full of life lessons and it's really really heart warming you guys.