1. Maybe I'm alone in feeling so...
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  2. But I feel that there's a singular unique individual out there for each and every on of us that just seems to get us.
  3. A soul mate, you know.
  4. And as a person I tend to take things very critically.
  5. I'm not one for any sort of half assed understanding, usually, I would prefer a solid view and laid out set of facts on something before I make up my mind.
    Here's a fact
  6. But I believe this far flung notion that there's a perfect (perfectly imperfect) girl out there for me...
  7. Because if I don't have faith in that...
  8. Then I'm officially all on my lonesome.
  9. I've got friends sure.
  10. Family is there too.
  11. And at some point I'll date again.
  12. But I'm always looking for her.
  13. And maybe I'm just naive but...
  14. I'll never stop looking for her.