Thanks for requesting this @naomistarr
  1. I'm very very very nice.
    I love doing what I can to make someone's day brighter. Especially when I help someone through a tough day or time in their life. Many people have told me I am exceptionally sweet (assuming they made it past my rough exterior haha)
  2. I'm an exceptional lover.
  3. I'm an epic dancer once I've loosened up a tad.
  4. I've been told I'm "not a douchey guy"
    I believe this means I don't express what have become stereotypical douche guy sentiments of generally trying to objectify women, behave rudely, and perform crass actions in public view. I could make an entire list on douche behavior. I find I usually prefer talking to women than men. I guess it's personal preference. Girls to me are sweeter, more polite, and fun to hang with (ergo they don't resort to wrestling to settle conflict... Unless they're really fun haha)
  5. I write poetry
    Only if I love you 💜.
  6. P.s. List 300