1. It was during my junior year of high school.
  2. I met a girl in my AP English class whom decided was cute and that I should ask out.
  3. I was surprised when she offered me her number practically without my asking.
  4. We discussed possibly seeing a movie or going to a Halloween party that a friend of mine had invited me to.
  5. Neither ended up working out
  6. But that was for the best in the case of the Halloween party as my friend decided it was a wonderful idea to get all her friends raging drunk and dance naked with them (well not totally naked but it wasn't a modest cat costume)
  7. I left early of course
  8. But anyway
  9. At this point I was talking to her on a semi regular basis
  10. But was unclear as to how to go about asking her out
  11. At the time I was a fan of this website that allowed users to ask and answer questions filtering the best answers up to the top through rigid monitoring and systemization.
  12. It was a fun site. And this was before I knew of list app.
  13. Anyhoo.
  14. I laid out my question with an extremely detailed account of my own thoughts on the subject (to ensure I didn't get a bogus answer in the event someone misinterpreted my question.)
  15. I got a variety of responses
  16. Most of which were slightly helpful but irked me in their own unique ways
  17. Until a gentleman named Dave answered.
  18. I am very impressed with your wording! It shows you're quite intelligent, and very deep thinking. She is lucky to have you crushing on her. So, ask her out, enjoy dating her. Over time, I am sure you will be able to do her quite a lot of good, if it be as a date or as a friend. As far as advice, I am sorry,
    but reading what you wrote as you wrote it? I am quite sure you are more than capable to handle this yourself and do not need the help of strangers. Do what you know is right -dave.
  19. That last part...
  20. "Do what you know is right."
  21. I love that.
  22. Not just because he complimented my vernacular.
  23. But because it expresses a common understanding in the accuracy of your basic instincts.
    Assuming you were raised well.
  24. Do what you know is right.
  25. Don't second guess yourself.
  26. Stop over thinking.
  27. Act.
  28. Keep it simple stupid.
  29. Anyway that's the best advice I've ever received.
  30. Oh yeah I forgot to mention
  31. She turned me down three times 😂
  32. But she's now my best friend.
  33. So.. That's that haha.