My friends amazing cake
  1. β€’
    So I went to a friend's birthday party
  2. β€’
    She just turned 16
  3. β€’
    I only met her a few months ago
  4. β€’
    And didn't realize she was so young
    I'm not way older but I'm not as close to her as I thought I was 😐.
  5. β€’
    I'll tell you all about the rest of the night in a second
    Cus it's very worth telling
  6. β€’
    But first the cake
  7. β€’
    Because her mother wants to see how viral this cake can get
  8. β€’
  9. β€’
    Please like the hell out of this particular list.
  10. β€’
  11. β€’
    For the cake everybody
  12. β€’
  13. β€’
    It was funfetti you guys.
  14. β€’
  15. β€’
    Freakin funfetti chocolate cake.
  16. β€’
    I should have guessed that knowing the girl.
  17. β€’
    Very..... Bubbly personality.
    Funfetti is so her style
  18. β€’
  19. β€’
    Any hoo.
  20. β€’
    I was informed by her boyfriend to dress fancy casual
  21. β€’
    So tie, button down shirt, clean jeans.
  22. β€’
    I'll be honest you guys
  23. β€’
    I looked freakin amazing
  24. β€’
    My hair is the best it's ever been
    Well maybe a tad long in the back but oh well
  25. β€’
    I show up.
  26. β€’
    By the way I literally picked her gift off the shelf in my bed room.
    I'm awful
  27. β€’
    But it's okay because it's actually perfect.
  28. β€’
    It's "the awesome book"
  29. β€’
    A book of all things AWESOME
  30. β€’
    Like long hugs and fresh cut grass and ice cream on a hot day and stuff we all relate to
  31. β€’
    I think she loved it
  32. β€’
    Anyway haha
  33. β€’
    I show up to their house
  34. β€’
    And take photos of the cake
  35. β€’
    And learn all of her friends names
    There were at least 7 of us
  36. β€’
    And this girl walks in
  37. β€’
    She's gorgeous
  38. β€’
    Definitely my type
  39. β€’
    Basically I spent the whole night being dragged around by this girl
    I'll get to it. Patience
  40. β€’
    So we all have no idea what the plan is for the party.
  41. β€’
    Except the boyfriend.
  42. β€’
    He knows πŸ˜‘
  43. β€’
    And a limo pulls up out front
  44. β€’
    The cool kind with drinks in the back and a light up ceiling
  45. β€’
    So we drank cider from champagne glasses.
    Everything's good in a champagne glass πŸ‘ŒπŸΌ
  46. β€’
    And we ride around. We have no clue what's going on
  47. β€’
    The driver pulls up in front of this statue of Abraham Lincoln
  48. β€’
    He says, "I'm supposed to leave you here and you need to find the clue to get to the next place."
  49. β€’
    And inside I'm like, "okay cool but I'm not good at these at all."
  50. β€’
    And outside in the same
  51. β€’
    So the boy friend takes over and starts calling shots. Pulling random facts out of his ass to play along. (his name is Isaiah by the way. But let's stick to "the boyfriend")
  52. β€’
    And then the driver says, "yeah no there aren't any clues I'm just pulling your leg but let's get a picture."
  53. β€’
    And I'm like 😐
  54. β€’
    And everyone else is like 😝
  55. β€’
    But we take the picture and get back in the limo
    (Almost just typed cab)
  56. β€’
    And we head to the actual spot
  57. β€’
    We placed bets on where we were going
  58. β€’
    Figured it must be fancy middle class.
  59. β€’
    Cus we were dressed nice
  60. β€’
    I was too busy Snapchating to hear enough of this for clarity
    Trying to make my life seem interesting on snapchat. Selfies get boring fast.
  61. β€’
  62. β€’
    We pull up
  63. β€’
    In front of
  64. β€’
  65. β€’
  66. β€’
  67. β€’
    Kingdom of the infamous rat himself
  68. β€’
    Real life inspiration for five nights at Freddie's.
  69. β€’
    Most of our group is terrified
    From hours of Freddie fasbear terror at the hands of a wretched animatronic based video game
  70. β€’
    But we head in
  71. β€’
    Holy shit why is this list so long.
    I'll start making larger text bubbles.
  72. β€’
  73. β€’
    So anyway we head in right. And the entire place is filled with, you guessed it, small children. And the 25-45 year old adults who watch over their children in the dire strings of desperation that grip them from hours of squealing babies.
  74. β€’
    They all simultaneously kick back the cheap beer and wine that somehow forever eluded me as a child at chucke freakin cheeses. The pain of parenthood is evident on their faces.
  75. β€’
    Any hoo. We all receive our coins and are informed that we are free to play at our leisure and that pizza will be served soon. I stick with the pretty girl and we enjoy a few games of (whatever that one is where you roll the ball into the holes and they're in different sections πŸ€”)
  76. β€’
    And then we spot the picture booth
    If this doesn't smell of cliche date activity I don't know what does but I'm rolling with it. Let a romantic dream.
  77. β€’
    So we get our photos taken at one.
  78. β€’
    And then a other one
    There were three different booths 😐
  79. β€’
    And I liked the one with our heads pressed together.
    She kept it. Recklessly keeping my hopes up that that means something. Don't judge me.
  80. β€’
    The entire group shows up and now we all squeeze together to fit all seven of us in one tiny ass screen meant for two very short children.
    We all slouch
  81. β€’
    But this means the pretty girl goes in my lap
    Happy dance internally
  82. β€’
    And we took about 7 photos.
    One for all of us.
  83. β€’
    So this fifteen minute ordeal of us squeezing and cramming into the seat for a photo. Fifteen minutes of pretty girl laying down in my lap with my arm around her and my head on hers.πŸ‘πŸΌπŸ‘πŸΌπŸ‘πŸΌπŸ‘πŸΌπŸ‘πŸΌπŸ‘πŸΌπŸ‘πŸΌπŸ‘πŸΌπŸ‘πŸΌπŸ‘πŸΌ
  84. β€’
    Did I mention she's gorgeous.
  85. β€’
    So yeah I spend the rest of the night hanging out with her. We eat pizza. I learn where she goes to school (my school πŸ‘πŸΌ) I get her number (sweetπŸ‘πŸΌ) and I come home.
  86. β€’
    Now it's 1:40 am
  87. β€’
    And all I can think about is her.
    Is it weird you guys????
  88. β€’
    I didn't expect this tonight
  89. β€’
    Oh well
  90. β€’
    Romance is a fickle bastard.
  91. β€’
    91 fucking tabs. Jesus.
  92. β€’
    Goodnight you guys. I gotta finish my large brownie
    Bachelor life of eating Pizza Hut brownies at 1 am 😝
  93. β€’
    It's cheat day technically. I'll be okay haha.