1. He walked to where his father stood and hugged him by a leg and wept like the babe he used to be in the green house by the lake
  2. He wept for the giants in the woods for the otter that swam in the waves. He wept for his mother in the fog so far away.
  3. And then he felt a hand, a big hand in his hair. “It’s Davey McGravy,” his father said. “I’m glad you’re here.”
  4. “Davey McGravy,” he said again, “How’s that for a brand new name? Davey McGravy. Not so bad. I like a name that rhymes.”
  5. And there was his father on his knees holding our boy in his arms. And Davey McGravy felt the scratch of whiskers and felt warm.
  6. “Nobody else has a name like that. It’s all your own. Davey McGravy. Davey McGravy. You could sing it in a song.
  7. And then his father kissed him, ruffled his hair and said, “Supper time, Davey McGravy. Then it’s time for bed.”