1. Help me
  2. I'm making dinner
  3. I just put the steak away to thaw
  4. I opened up the cupboard to throw something away
  5. And there the bastard was.
  6. Just sprinting around the cereal
  7. Thankfully not the good cereal
  8. Just the bad kind
  9. The great value kind 😡
  10. Maybe he eat all the shit cereal so I won't have to
  12. *closing pantry doors with force*
  13. *running around the kitchen wildly swinging a fly swatter*
  14. I'm okay. I'm safe
  15. He's just a damn mouse. Why am I scared of a mouse?
  16. Well I can't stomp him cuz eww
  17. And trapping him will be tough
  18. But he's in the pantry prison so I should be okay.
  19. *many minutes later*
  20. I wonder if I should just order pizza instead of making this steak? HOLY SHIT HE ESCAPED!!!!
  21. The little bastard ran under the stove!!
  22. What do I do!!!!!?????
  23. Text Sierra. She'll know what to do!
  24. She said google it.
  25. 😒😒😒🤔🤔🤔🤔
  26. No
  27. I'll just wait here ten feet from the kitchen until the mouse bastard leaves
  28. Fortunately I can throw things away now that he's nowhere near the trash can.
  29. But how am I going to sear and cook the steak?!?!?
  30. *a few more agonizing minutes later*
  31. Yeah I'm just gonna cook the damn steak
  32. Fuck that cocka-mouse. No way a thing that big was just a mouse. HIMYM has made great strides in bringing awareness to the cocka-mouse. Cockroach + mouse. = cocka-mouse
  33. Okay.
  34. Yeah that's it. Mouse gone
  35. Steak time!!!!