1. Woke up late
  2. Made breakfast
  3. Eat breakfast
  4. Played Xbox
  5. Went to five guys burger
  6. Eat a lot of fries and a burger
  7. Went to subzero
  8. Eat vanilla, maple, white chocolate, etc ice cream
  9. Talked to my grand mother
    More like watched my mom and sister complain about their lives while my grandmother and I shared looks
  10. Went home
  11. Played xbox
  12. Made this list
  13. Today was kinda dull
  14. But I got fries
  15. So I win
  16. Gonna go to bed soon
  17. But had to make a list to do my one list a day thing
  18. And didn't feel like putting in any actual work on a list
  19. So Yayy
  20. TA da 🎉🎉🎉