1. All my drafts on list app.
    Even as they pile up. I feel compelled to fill out every single one. I don't like quitting in ideas. Because every idea comes from a good place.
  2. All of my poetry.
    If I start it I'm finishing it.
  3. All my walks
    If I go out for a ten mile walk I'm finishing it. Period.
  4. My runs.
    If I go out for a 5 mile run. Im finishing it.
  5. My YouTube video.
    If it's on. Then I'm finishing it.
  6. My meals.
    I don't just let good food go. If it's in my plate I'm eating it.
  7. My music
    If it's on. I'm finishing the song.
  8. My tv shows
    If it's on. I'm finishing the episode.
  9. My movies
    If I'm halfway through. I'm watching the rest.
  10. My homework
    If it's not done. In getting it done.
  11. Chapters in a book.
    I'm getting through this damn book.
  12. Sets in my workout.
    Within safety and reason I'm getting my reps out on this workout.
  13. Minutes on my bike ride.
    If I'm biking then I'm finishing the damn ride.
  14. Sentences.
    I can't stand an incomplete.....
  15. ......Sentence.
  16. Magazines
    I'm reading every word. It's there for a reason. No ads though.
  17. Lists
    I read as many of my followers lists as I can. I want them to know I'm just as interested in their account as they are in mine. If I haven't stalked your list account yet please please please ask me. Unless you'd be bugged by that in which case say so.