1. Sex
    I haven't had it yet but Ive had enough dreams about it to know I'm not gonna hate it.
  2. Egg nog
    I know it's horrible for me but so is everything else. At least it tastes good.
  3. Poetry
    "But if you are yearning, then sing the lovers: for long their notorious feelings have not been immortal enough. Those, you almost envied them, the forsaken, that you found as loving as those who were satisfied."
  4. Salt and vinegar potato chips
    Om nom
  5. Christmas
    I love the colors and the snow and the gifts and the music and the way it makes me feel warm and isolated from the bad things
  6. Snow
    I love snow. I love how it makes the air smell and the sky clear and everything better
  7. Skiing
    There is nothing like standing on top of a mountain in the dark looking at the city in complete silence with the wind whipping by and your breath fogging the air and your fingers just slightly cold. Ready to launch forward into total abandon on an empty slope.
  8. Autumn
  9. Beautiful girls
    God I love this picture. Fuck.
  10. Driving by myself
  11. Kissing
    I actually haven't been properly kissed before either. But I can't imagine it's anything other than spectacular. "“And she kissed me. It was the kind of kiss that I could never tell my friends about out loud. It was the kind of kiss that made me know that I was never so happy in my whole life.”
  12. Cuddling
  13. Reading
  14. Coffee.