1. Have done: cooked a steak
    I prepared it special for myself and so far it's delicious
  2. Am doing: reading various philosophies and moral insights on brain pickings
    This site implores and invigorates my curiosity to an unbelievable degree. I write down so many new ideas and understandings. My anti-library list continues to grow because of it (140 books so far.)
  3. Have done: watching lemony snicket's "a series of unfortunate events"
    It's wonderful. I adore the acting. And the writing is superb. "Apocryphal insight of thurgood marshal and the moral aplomb of Ida b wells." Also I love that the parents are played by Colbie smulders and will arnet.
  4. Am doing: reading am article on "keeping feces out of your blood stream"
    It's about intestinal health and it's quite interesting. http://tim.blog/2010/09/19/paleo-diet-solution/
  5. Am doing: expanding my musical comporium
  6. Am doing: watching "The O.A."
    Jason Isaacs is spectacular. As is Brit marling. The story captures and chains your attention.
  7. Am doing: writing
    I can see you past my frightening present. I can hear you in my memories. Might you take the hand in my hand, the sweetness in my lips, that randied portrait of significance only to the farther entity on that once great tempest if you should render it implacable my dear. Here I cry for you. Here I die. But to go on living. Oh the grief of a barren moments passing.
  8. What a great perhaps. It is to recall that sweet forgotten love. So distant but for its closeness to me. To my fractured soul.
  9. Am doing: making lists of my favorite things
    Philosophers, poets, directors, books, movies, tv shows, words, etc.