1. Her sweet good bye
    A few months ago you said good bye. And it was so much better than what's happened since. I consider it the actual goodbye. The one you intended. I love you. I'm so sorry. If you ever need me you know where to find me.
  2. Poetry
  3. Girl knows how to talk to me.
  4. Snow and a fire
    I'm on thanksgiving break and family is in town so we're out of town. In town it's chilly but relatively mild mannered where the weather is concerned. Out here it's freezing ass cold, we have a wood burning stove (that I, as resident Eagle Scout, am in charge of), and there's snow on the ground. (Plus everyone gets up later than I do so I get the mornings to myself. [NECESSARY!!!] I'm an asshole if I'm not the first one up.
  5. Freezing Cold showers
    I used to take them back before I met her. And up until now I had forgotten about their benefits. I just took my first one today and WOOSH!!!! The endorphins are real. Plus I just feel awake and clear.
  6. Books
    I read too much
  7. Podcasts
    Gotta listen
  8. Lord Huron
    Just listen to him