1. Woke up early
    I hate waking up super late because then I feel like the rest of my day gets away from me. When I wake up early I feel like I have all the time in the world to get started and just kind of settle into my day before the rest of the world wakes up. Also, my monkey brain is drastically slower at night/early morning, so I don't experience any (as many) feelings of anxiety or depression as I might in the dull hours of a work day. Daylight sucks the life out of me unless I'm in nature or inspired.
  2. Took a freezing cold shower
    I honestly love these. I'm curious about their mood benefiting qualities after a 2 week to 3 week period. I remember feeling amazing after an extended time practicing them two years ago. But it's been a while. And I definitely need all the help I can get riding the waves of my mental atmosphere. Anyway. In the moment they really make me feel great. And they're a superb topic of conversation with anyone. Especially considering we're in the middle of winter.
  3. Journaling
    Taking 5 minutes (15 in my case) to write down my thoughts every morning is so far an extraordinary way to clear my head and focus on whatever it is I need to get done or want to tackle in a day. Especially where my writing is concerned (I've already started multiple short stories that I want to transform into novels. Because I'm crazy like that and think it would be fun to have multiple books to my name before I'm even published.)
  4. Reading
    I'm reading two books this Christmas break (not counting on my phone.. In which case it's more like 5) "crime and punishment" and "the count of monte Cristo." Also there are a bajillion other books I've asked for Christmas because I'm feeling inspired as shit ever since I started journaling. Look at that beautiful thick bastard. 1200 pages of story. A real god damn book.
  5. Writing
    I have a story/s inside me and they're yearning to burst out. It's just a bitch to focus on one when I get bored or have other ideas. So I'm writing multiple stories. So far I'm most proud of one that's titled "godless faith". Proud in terms of how it's coming together and there aren't any massive incongruities for me to feel deep shame over.