1. Pizza
  2. Unending amounts of coffee
  3. Unending amounts of tantric sex
  4. Unending amounts of cutesy relationship stuff
  5. Pie. Whipped cream and banana and apple and heart attack inducing deliciousness.
  6. Perfect health without the need for a good diet.
  7. No more guilt over anything
  8. A pretty girl who says nice things
  9. A badass house somewhere beautiful
  10. Epic amounts of cash
  11. Pie
  12. A beautiful beard. Not a big one. Just enough and even
  13. Abs
    Well..... Better abs. 😉
  14. A fast car and long roads
  15. The unending supply of pills from limitless
  16. A pretty girl I can do romanticall stuff for
  17. Pie
  18. Steak. A good juicy mother fucking steak with roasted potatoes and corn and peas and vegetables and root beer and pie. AGGHHHHHHH!!!! I'm hungry
    Gimme a big ass mother fucking well done Juicy steak with yummy marbling
  19. No more ducking auto correct
  20. I want a sexy wardrobe with awesome seasonal suits
  21. A motor cycle.
    An expensive but retro motor cycle
  22. To cuddle with a beautiful girl
    I have a beautiful girl in mind but I won't name names.