I don't have a girlfriend right now. That's probably for the best though as I would shower her with so much love it would be tough to live with me for long.
  1. Lots of back rubs.
    I love giving back rubs. They're warm. They feel really nice. Especially cute when the girl falls asleep because of them but notices when you stop anyway and reaches for your hand.
  2. Leave cute lovey Dovey notes everywhere she can find
    I want her to know I'm thinking of her when I'm not there to say so. Ergo. Notes everywhere. On pillows. In old shirts. Hidden in lamps. On the tv. In the fridge.
  3. Make her foods
    I love cooking. But I'm boring to cook for. I want to learn her favorite foods and then make a huge deal about learning to make them and giving her a bunch of treats and dinners and breakfasts in bed and all kinds of stuff. I want to go over the moon for her.
  4. Tell her "you're beautiful"
    When she's not expecting it is the best. When she's just gotten up and is sleepy and greasy and not at all at her "best" according to her. I'll pause and look at her like she's the last woman on earth and I'll tell her I think she's absolutely beautiful.
  5. Be her cheerleader
    I want my girl to be confident. But not super woman. So I can wrap my arms around her and tell her all the reasons that it's going to work out okay and all the reasons that she's going to turn out awesome in the long run. Motivate her.
  6. Tickle contests
    Cus it's fun that's why. I'll let her win. Some times.
  7. I want to clean her hair like at the barber
    Cus that is better than sex sometimes am I right guys? And because I think hygiene is important obviously and her arms must get tired from having to make her hair so beautiful all the time.
  8. I want to look deeply into her eyes after a date. Lean in. And rub noses then promptly turn around and start walking to the car.
    Because the confusion would be real and if she wasn't ready for a kiss this could be seen as a cuter/funny alternative.
  9. I want to give her a birthday bash to echo through the centuries!!
    Breakfast in bed! Home made enormous humongo cake! Her fave flavor. A giant list of stuff she loves to do all crammed into a 24 hour period. Finish with yummy food and a shower and a massage and then a home movie and then I'll let her go to sleep. While Cuddling with me preferably.
  10. I want to take photos of her while she doesn't know I'm there and then her face when she does see me. And then make a photo album of that.
  11. I want to play with her hair and fingers mindlessly while watching tv or just sitting somewhere.
  12. I want to hold her when she cries. Wipe her tears away. Not say a word except "it's going to be okay." I want to be her guardian angel.
  13. I want her to see the expression on my face that means "when I look at you all I can see is the universe's beauty all wrapped into one person"
  14. I want to get along great with her parents
    Granted this is relatively out of my control but I yearn for the opportunity to express to parents that I am what's been missing from their little girls life up until then.
  15. I want to go shopping with her
    I want to help her buy clothes that make her feel beautiful. I don't know why some guys don't enjoy this. It's a privilege to get to have a say in what the most wonderful person in my life wears every day.
  16. I want to walk through Barnes and noble with her
    That place is heaven. It smells good. People are just reading. And I love it when a girl loves to read.
  17. I want to learn to play guitar
    Not only that but I want to play the song "what would I do without you" for her acoustic style.
  18. I want to watch her freak out over small animals like the teacup pig or baby puppies
    Those things are all cute but a beautiful girl losing all self composure over them is the cutest.
  19. Write poems for her.
    I love writing. And I love writing for myself. But writing for others is a special special privilege. Especially when it's someone you love. I'd talk about all the reasons nature looked at her and decided to embody her beauty and grace in its own features.