Inspired by @quixotic
  1. Ha... I'm still in highschool but damn it I can tell my pre-senior self things!!
  2. - you know all those problems you have? Yeah. Enjoy those. They ain't nothing compared to what's ahead.
  3. - faith is asking you on a DATE! ITS A DATE!! Good job not kissing her though. That would have been embarrassing. Also good job not sleeping with her. That would have sucked (shut up). Remember your rule. Only if you can imagine cuddling with her and just kissing for kissing's sake.
    She's gonna be mad. Obviously. But she'll get over it. So will you. Also don't expect to ever hear from her ever again ever.
  4. -go to more football games. They're fun.
  5. - meet Lizzie faster. Ask her on a date. Kiss her. Do couple things together.
  6. - start working out freshman year instead of sophomore. Trust me. 135 will turn from impossible to your 12 rep weight. It's not crazy.
  7. - keep secrets secret. Even if they aren't secrets
  8. - pay more fucking attention. These grades matter.
  9. - Xbox will become lame. Workout instead.
  10. - Martin gets to be less of an asshole. Jaime too.
  11. - get Sierra a better gift that one time. Don't use a soap box.
  12. - stop stressing. You've got shitloads of time.
  13. - smile more.
  14. - stop being so pissed. Just realize it doesn't matter. Cus it doesn't. Until it does. Then you can be pissed. But until then don't.
  15. - Go to competitions. Speech is fun. The nervousness feels good after a while. Just achieve "fuck it". And go to them all.
  16. - say hi to Sierra. She doesn't bite.
  17. - don't wait to memorize. Memorize your speech now!!
  18. - read your god damn textbooks. Going in depth now is way less stressful than cramming later. And more effective.
  19. - get rid of that hoodie. Wear collared shirts.
  20. - change your pants more often. They look more dirty than you think.
  21. - stop worrying about what all those assholes in your gym class are thinking. They aren't and don't. Just work hard.
  22. - when you meet her. Look her in the eyes. And hold that hug a little longer. You'll thank yourself later.
  23. - buy two pairs of ear buds.
  24. - it's more likely she's busy than pissed. Give her a day. Calm down.
  25. - meditate. Every day. Every damn day.
  26. - kiss Morgan back. Ask her out.
  27. - start writing poetry earlier.
    On second thought. You haven't met the person who inspires you to write yet. But still, it's wonderful.
  28. - it's gonna hurt. It hurts because it matters. The sun will always rise. Keep moving.
  29. - get list app sooner