1. Hugs
  2. Doggies
  3. Beautiful women who don't know they're beautiful (so I can show them how beautiful they are, inside and out)
  4. Telling someone that I love them.
  5. How I Met Your Mother
    I've watched it through every episode without skipping 2 times (working on my third) except the final final scene where Ted supposedly goes back to Robin when Tracy dies. Fuck that scene. The bastards didn't know what they were doing when they wrote that scene. But the rest of this show is beautiful gold
  6. Houses that are warm and decorated well
  7. Really cool people on the list app that spread nice words and good lists like @margaretyoko and @nathanveshecco and @libby92 and @bjnovak You guys rule.
  8. The list app. Thanks @bjnovak . Heard you chatting about it with Tim Ferriss. (Where is that sumnabitch anyway? I know he's not crazy about social media but you figure the least a guy could do is make an account. He's practically perfect for this app with all the stuff in his head.)
  9. The revenant. That movie is freaking awesome. I plan to channel my inner Hugh glass when i need to fight through something tough from now on. That son of a bitch could take some rough shit. What a fucking badass.
  10. Writing. I love writing.
  11. Hot showers and shaving. Being clean is fun.
  12. Getting all dirty and working hard. Cutting wood or shoveling stuff or tearing down old buildings to sell the materials or helping repair outhouses and signs and flag poles at a Boy Scout camp with a grouchy ass old man that I got along with it. Me and Ben were the two grouchiest people up there hahaha
  13. Coffee. The elixir of the gods.
  14. Meditating. I know I know right after a note about coffee but I love both. They both make me feel a little clearer.
  15. Sunsets/sunrises
  16. The ocean
  17. Books. Books are great. I just started "The Time Travelers Wife" (it's like I can feel the chick flick hate already) it's a really good book so far and I enjoyed the movie.
  18. Walking through barns and noble. Mmmmm that smell.
  19. Feeling clean and well dressed.
  20. Dressing up just Cus and having people ask you what the tie is all about and you can say "Cus I wanna"
  21. Not giving a damn. Not giving a damn is fun. Wearing the same clothes for a week (I can feel the hate and disgust already, well I don't give a damn.) not liking something that seemingly everyone in the universe loves (the super bowl bores me. I know you guys get a kick out of it. Not me. I don't give a damn.)
  22. The song "what would I do without you".
  23. A bunch of other songs (I'll make a separate list)
  24. Dancing. Shaking ma booty. Waving my hands in the air like I just down care. Dancing is fun. And, not to brag but, I got tons of compliments in middle school 😎. And I think we can all agree. Middle school compliments never die.
  25. Breakfast. I love breakfast. Big meal. Good coffee. Not as many people.
  26. Jack reacher. That series is awesome. The character is awesome. What a badass. (I should make a list of badasses)
  27. Cussing. Not in front of kids or anything. But letting a few F bombs fly with good people really takes the pressure off. Let's you know "these people are either real pricks or good people without a filter"
  28. People without a filter (sue me. These guys/gals can be fun.)