Things that remind me of her

  1. Whenever I'm feeling particularly anxious and remember how she used to call me when I got too angry.
  2. Her favorite book series that we were reading together but that we never finished. And that I don't finish on my own because it was something i only do with her. Perpetually on chapter 20.
    The main character is a lot like her. She always said I reminded her of the love interest in the book ha.
  3. My poetry
    She's the one who made it possible. So...
  4. Anything sexual
  5. All of the photos on my phone
    Out of the 187 photos on my phone. 170 of them are from or about or caused by her.
  6. The empty guest bedroom next to mine
  7. If I see a goat
  8. When she manages to make it onto my Facebook newsfeed
  9. When anybody mentions Norway.
  10. Drawing
  11. Playing gears of war
    I remember when we first played together because it was the first time she really called me instead of just texting. I was absolutely enraged that my xbox wouldn't connect to let me play with her (trivial but..she's important to me) and she could tell I was ready to break something so she called and... I can't describe how her voice sounded. Or how she brought me out of my anger instantly. It was so surreal. Still is.