Anywhere from wanting to fuck to just wanting to show affection somehow. I haven't seen a dude do one of these yet so I decided I would. And these lists are really fun to read usually so yeah....
  1. Intelligence
  2. Explosively cute reactions to cute things
  3. A bright smile
  4. Sharp eyes
    Something special about looking deep into sharp eyes
  5. Smooth warm skin
    I have sensitive skin myself so being able to feel her skin is amazing
  6. Tummies
    Tummies are rarely imperfect. Plus it's where the baby goes. Pregnant tummies + wife = beautiful
  7. Thighs
  8. Fingers
  9. Lip biting
  10. Any biting 😏
  11. Teeny kisses everywhere
  12. An uncontrollable laugh
  13. Lingering looks
  14. Spanking
  15. That moment when someone kind of tickles you by brushing their hands/fingers all over
  16. When she feels up my arm (for muscles I guess???) and moves under my shirt (I'm really sensitive to touch so this drives me crazy)
  17. Groans of pleasure
    At anything like the taste of cake or massages or anything
  18. When she wears my shirts.... Only my shirt
  19. A well dressed woman
    Sexy dresses. Cute dresses. Perfect Jean/shirt combo. If it's great on them it's gotta be even better off of them.
  20. Working out heavy
    Gets the juices flowing.
  21. When she's enthusiastic about something. I love lots of positive vibes
  22. Cute girl + puppies = cuteness overload ~ awesomeness
  23. Random kisses
  24. Dancing at random times
    Cooking dinner, waiting in line, just walking
  25. Hitting it off in conversation
  26. When she loves something about me that I don't like showing off
    If I'm embarrassed about it and she loves it... Oh my god I'm marrying her
  27. When she's great with kids
    Maternal qualities are always hot
  28. When she's constantly happy
    Makes the times I get to make her feel better all the more special. And sadness is a major turn off
  29. Nuzzling
    Like we're puppies. Tee hee
  30. Cuddling
    I freaking love cuddling. Cuddling is better than sex. Sex + cuddling is fucking HEAVEN