Inspired by @plaidflannel
  1. Rub my nose against yours kind of like how cats do but intersperse little kisses as I go.
  2. Put together a little package of your favorite things (tom kha with soy, chocolate strawberries, something goat related) and surprise you with it since I haven't seen you for so long.
  3. Fall asleep next to you. Listening to you breathe. Running my hands across your back
  4. Shower with you. Clean your hair. Massage your scalp. Among other spots.
  5. Draw you. Especially your eyes and lips.
  6. Have coffee with you and talk for hours. Just enjoy your presence.
  7. Write page after page of poetry for you. Describing you is so worthwhile.
  8. Wake up next to you. Watch you wake up. That soft look on your face shining gently against the pillows.
  9. Run my hands all over you. Experience you.
  10. Make you a hot bath with lavender and candles. Heated towels and a soft robe afterwards.
  11. Leave little notes for you. About how much I adore you.
  12. Learn a different language with you. Just so we can say things in the company of others.
    jeg vil smake på deg
  13. Draw circles on your back with my fingers.
  14. Play with your hair absent mindedly.
  15. Bite your neck.
  16. Look at you for forever.
  17. Kiss you in the dark with my eyes closed.
  18. Sing you love songs.
  19. Protect you from your nightmares.
  20. Hold you when you're sad.
  21. Dance with you while it snows.
  22. Remind you how rare you are.
  23. Whisper soft words in your ear.
  24. Suck on the ends of your fingers.
  25. Static
  26. Static
  27. Static
  28. Static
  29. Static