Inspired by @taylormorley
  1. I get very upset if things are out of order/cluttered. Not a huge issue in other homes but if you're a slob I don't think we'll last honestly.
  2. Having stated the above. I'm not a cleaner. I despise chemicals. The smell induces a head ache unlike any other. And they're just gross. Things that are ultra clean are gross. I prefer a healthy middle. Kind of like a well aged object. Not shiny and untouchable. But not disgustingly unkept. Just normal.
  3. I drink a fair amount of coffee. If you don't like the smell I don't think we can be together. Coffee is important to me.
  4. I eat meat. I don't go crazy about it. But I'm not about to go vegan for you. Not just because I like the taste but because I personally believe humans weren't intended to go without it nutritionally.
  5. Having stated the above. I eat and enjoy vegetables. If all you eat is pop tarts and pizza I'm going to be grossed out. To be fair though. I eat a lot of pizza too. But put some spinach and onions on that.
  6. I love sex. I mean I REALLY love sex. If you could care less or are a once a week type. This will not work out.
  7. I'm an introvert to an amazing degree. I can do parties. I have my moments of craziness and being super extroverted. But overall I'm just a very calm collected person.
  8. I will absolutely most definitely compliment you about ten million times every day. And every single one is genuine. Be prepared for tons.
  9. I'm more of a dog person but cats are awesome too. I'm an animal person. But dogs rule.
  10. I can be extremely distant. This isn't about you. It's just how I process things. Try not to take it personally. If you're open with me I'll be open with you.
  11. I'm not a fighter when it comes to people I love. If you're one to start arguments don't expect me to even reply. Conflict like that just makes me shut off.
  12. I'm a cuddler. You have to be too. That's it.
  13. I'm low key the jealous type.
  14. I'm definitely the jealous type
    But not in a bad way....
  15. If I'm in a relationship with you its to be in a relationship with you. I commit. If you can't...
    Buh bye.
  16. I will write pages upon pages of poetry about you. Long detailed and from the heart. Some of it I won't tell you about. Most of it I will.
  17. Cuddling is the best. THE. BEST.
  18. Back rubs only cost une kiss
  19. You have to have a favorite ice cream so I can buy it for you when you've had a bad day.
    Sprinkles included.
  20. I will ask to draw you naked eventually. Drawing form truly brings out the beauty of the details.
  21. I'm sensitive to lapses in communication. Or even just passive communication. Be forewarned.
  22. Sometimes I just feel awful. Really awful. I deal with it. I will probably not want to talk about it. If you're special I'll tell you everything. Often what works best is letting me be affectionate. Loving someone works wonders.
  23. I'm obsessed with HIMYM. It's what I watch when nothing else works. I respect other opinions but to me it is gold standard. Don't insult my HIMYM.