Impromptu ferriss beulers day off
  1. (Upon being abruptly awoken by his sister to move quickly or be late. Our character {let's call him Charles in the hopes of protecting his true identity} goes through the following train of thought.
  2. "What time is it?"
  3. "Isn't it 5 o'clock?"
  4. "I always get up that early"
  5. "And I could have sworn it was 4:45 not 15 minutes ago."
  6. "Why is Katie intruding on my boyhood dwelling of peace, slumber, and exploration?"
  7. "Is this a dream?"
  8. "Oh shit, I was dreaming about being awake!"
  9. {jumping out of bed, a throwing on of day old clothes, water through the (icky dirty) hair. Gratitude at sister for not waking him up earlier when he would have been angry at the interruption}
  10. "I've got 3 minutes to sprint down there according to my bedside clock but that thing is 5 minutes ahead so really I should have left 5 minutes ago." Sigh
  11. "Okay, I've got a shirt, shoes, pants, belt, gross underwear, a watch, my phone, and my binder!"
  12. "I'm at the stairs. Where's my binder?"
  13. "Almost to the door!!"
  14. "Shit. I forgot my head phones".
  15. Voice of Charles' conscience: "you stupid **** you don't need any ***** head phones!!! Get your ass out that door!!!"
  16. Charles: "yeah but..... Music bro."
  17. "I'm like the flash! Running up the stairs in bounds and leaps. Headphones!! Back down the stairs!"
  18. "Oh no oh no oh on oh no... Please be there. Please be late. It's a little foggy out today. He'll be late. He's always a little late on days like today."
  19. "Are those tail lights? Shittttttt"
  20. "I guess it's either going to be or won't be my bus. I'm not sprinting for a possibility. I'll just be tired when I have to walk home. Or else slip in the ice"
  21. "Hahaha"
  22. "Hahahahahaha"
  23. "Hahahahahahahahahahaha ahhhhh"
  24. "Yup. It was him. No one is here"
  25. "Guess I'm going home."
  26. "Better tell Katie im calling in with a 12 hour bug. What do you mean you're not sure I can convince mom? Of course I can. I've gotten out of school for a week over a head ache and a bad cough. Admittedly stupid idea at the time."
  27. "Walking home is weird."
  28. "Hahahahaha"
  29. "I should totally tell my buddy Sammy about this. She'll get a laugh"
  30. "Or I could make a list. Nahh that's a ridiculous idea. What kind of person would spend the 20 minutes after they miss the bus to make a list about it. Not anyone cool that's for sure."
  31. "Lol it's a good thing I'm not cool"