...And such.
  1. Manchester by the sea
    I love the title. I love Casey affleck. Every actor looks superbly talented and they aren't necessarily A-listers*. The imbd description reads like something I would be interested in as a diehard fan of cynicism and brooding main characters with perverse lines of dialogue and powerful but subtle facial expressions all wrapped up in a brutal emotional tapestry. I can only hope that the camera does its work well* and that the score provides for whatever remains of the work of the cast.
  2. Arrival
    I know it's out.. But I haven't seen it yet. From what I can garner from the trailer this movie takes a relatively new approach to the "alien-meets-humanity" movies. From the gritty, enigmatic, and suspenseful plot line to the very approach of the government to such an occurrence and especially just what aliens would look like. I love the fact that it asks why aliens have to resemble humans at all.
  3. Rogue one
    I haven't watched a Star Wars movie in ages but I still love the series. Rogue one looks like a stellar continuation of an incredibly popular franchise. I have my doubts about it taking on any new avenues.* I suspect it's more likely they'll appeal to viewers that yearn for callbacks to the original movies and even prequels. But I hope I can be proven wrong. Also I never saw the second most recent addition 😐... I don't think I'm missing out...
  4. Storks
    I watched this movie about a month ago. I remember because I had been having a particularly tough time and was still reeling from a breakup. I was invited to see a movie with some friends and was promptly late. Pissed, depressed, and irritated I managed to find the theater. This movie is actually wonderfully funny to an intelligent degree( even to a cynical nihilistic bastard like me.) it uplifted me with its upbeat theme and quirky animated antics. I highly recommend it.
  5. Sicario
    Not new but on my mind. Dark dark dark. But I love it. It's main theme to me being the gray areas of good and evil. Too often in movies (and more recently AP English classes) I am forced into a perspective of good and evil of the more black and white variety. Nothing Ruffles my feathers as much as such a taxonomical understanding of what could be argued to be one of the most convoluted and perverse schools of thought in human understanding. A very entertaining if deeply sickening movie.
  6. Don't breathe
    Fuck this movie.... Okay... Well... It's disgusting and sick... Well mostly just one scene. I don't know. That one scene disturbed my ability to enjoy the rest of the movie. It's a survivor horror basically. An incredibly disturbing one at that. Ugh... Do yourself a favor and avoid this unless you've got a strong stomach and thick skin. I should note that I was entertained right up until the last 25 minutes so... Eh..
  7. Sully
    I should note that this is a great poster and I adore Tom hanks.. But... Having watched the movie I wasn't all that impressed. At first I was bored with the story. Not that landing a passenger aircraft in a frigid Hudson isn't amazing (it is). I just feel as if the story has been told fully by the regular media. The goal of movies being to entertain, this movie held my interest but failed to hold my intrigue. My main thought:I know all this already. It's as if they made a book a poor movie.
  8. Nocturnal animals
    🤔🤔🤔.... This is certainly a unique one. The trailer does little to aid any coherent understanding but from reading the wiki I can attest that this may be a movie i could find interesting. A story within a story type movie may become confusing. But good actors all around and a director who knows what he's doing. I expect good things.
  9. * my thoughts on A-listers
    There isn't anything wrong with being at the top of your craft. I just become annoyed by movies that are deluged with actors who are pasted there for their stardom and ride off of that momentum. Of course if they are acting with originality and passion then I applaud it. But seeing newer or lesser known actors bust out their real skills on a creative and unique plot line is a favorite pass time of mine.
  10. *my thoughts on camera work
    I feel that a majority of the common movie going crowd neglects to pay appropriate attention to the work going on behind and around the camera. For me filmmakers such as Casey niestat and Wes Anderson hit the nail on the head with their camera work. It lands somewhere outside of the usual quick cut, stagnant frame, camera style of typical films and provides an exciting visual medium for what can (and has) evolved into the placid filmography we see so often now a days.
  11. *my thoughts on new avenues of film
    Not to say that I expect a grand expedition into esoteric film theory with every new film someone produces. I just feel exhausted and uninterested if a movie doesn't grab my attention, neglects to make me think, or panders to me as though I can't follow a plot structure. Give me a strange idea! Surprise me!! Throw a curveball my way!! Anything!!! Pandering to your baser audiences is foolish and lazy. Be original damn it!!