To Me, Happiness Is…

Happiness is a slippery thing. I do my best to capture it when I have the energy.
  1. A good cup of coffee.
    It doesn't have to be perfect. I just have to enjoy the smell and the warmth. I like mine with coconut creamer and some cinnamon. Mmmm
  2. Making someone's day better.
    Even just a little. There's not a whole lot that's better than the rush of warmth you get when someone tells you that they've been having a bad day up to having you compliment them or inquiring about their feelings.
  3. A beautiful woman
    There is nothing so wonderful as being allowed to witness a beautiful woman interact with the world around her. They always do so in such a graceful manner. Even if they don't see it themselves.
  4. A rainy day by myself
    No distractions. No interruptions. Just me and the rain. And some coffee and good music.
  5. Spending time with the moon
    A quiet night in the summer is unlike any other solitude. So beautiful. Very easy to think clearly.
  6. Finally finishing a good book
    Good as in you've fallen in love with the story line, characters, you memorized the private jokes, and you find a real sense of fulfillment when you finally close it and set it on a shelf.
  7. Surprise naps
    When you're sick or you've had a tough day and you lie down to rest your eyes but suddenly find yourself transported 2-3 hours into the future feeling like magic.
  8. Small animals
    Any kind. Small animals bring a smile to my face.
  9. A night with my soul mate
    I haven't met her yet. But there's not a doubt in my mind that just laying there talking to her will be unlike anything I've experienced yet.
  10. The cool side of the pillow the night before a long weekend
    Everything is a possibility. The world lay at your feet. But first. Gentle breezes and easy breaths as you lay your weary head atop a mountain of sweet sweet fabric.
  11. Binging a really good Netflix show without regret.
    I don't know about you guys but I usually only end up half way enjoying a steady Netflix binge because I keep thinking of all the important stuff I could get done. So to watch without regret (whether you completed responsibilities or not) is a truly wonderful feeling.
  12. Having a really good dream and starting your day off with a smile
    You're the best version of yourself. You sail over oceans and cure diseases. You married your soul mate and you raise funds for the impoverished. You write bestselling books about the importance of self love and compassion for strangers. Then you wake up. It's going to be a good day.
  13. Reading a story about kindness
    A child is defended from bullies by a complete stranger. A neighbor raises money to help research a cure. A little girl sacrifices her cartoons to help mommy around the house in the absence of a father. And a boy plans the ultimate date for the girl he loves. Beautiful.
  14. If you ever visit her on here be prepared to receive a brain full of wonderful info about make up and face cleaning and more importantly a truly genuinely kind hearted individual who's doing her damnedest to spread the compassion the world needs. Thank you so much for being you Margaret. You're a treasure to the world. And if you don't mind my saying, a very beautiful woman as well.
  15. "What Would I do Without You" by Drew Holocomb and the neighbors
    This is an astonishingly beautiful song. I'm a romantic through and through (but don't tell my buddies) and I feel like it really touches me where I feel about love. Just give it a listen. I'm considering learning how to play/sing it acoustic style to play to my future wife (fingers crossed haha)
  16. Duh 💜