1. I've had a headache all day
  2. It's ridiculous
  3. Ugh
  4. I slept in and watched a move
    Big eyes
  5. Then I picked up my girlfriend and her friend and took them to eat Panda Express
    And fro yo
  6. Then I went to her house and hung out for a few hours.
  7. It was fun, she made me tea for my headache. We played some dancing game on her PS3 with her brother.
  8. We also listened to the "la la land" soundtrack because we both loved the movie.
  9. We're gonna learn the dances.
  10. I want to learn the piano because of this movie...
  11. I drove home
  12. Now I'm watching the office
  13. I still need to shower
  14. And meditate
  15. Good day overall